Fastest Century In T20

David Miller Smashed a Fastest Hundred in T20, He scored a Hundred in Just 35 balls.

His unbeaten record came against Bangladesh on 29th October 2017.

Just 2 months later, Rohit Shrama scored the joint fastest century in T20 on 35 balls, while S Wickramasekara hit 35 ball hundreds in 2019.

Here is the list of the TOP 10 fastest hundred in T20.

1David MillerSouth Africa35Bangladesh29/10/2017
2Rohit SharmaIndia35Sri Lanka22/12/2017
3S Wickramasekara Czech Republic35Turkey30/08/2019
4S periyalwarRomania39Turkey29/08/2019
5Zeeshan KukilkhelHungry39Austria05/06/2022
6Johnson CharlesWest Indies39South Africa26/03/2023
7K-Kadowaki-FlemingJapan40South Africa15/08/2022
8George MunseyScotland 41Netherlands16/09/2019
9Shaheryar ButtBelgium41Czech Republic29/08/2020
10Hazrat ZazaiAfghanistan42Ireland23/02/2019

Fastest Century in T20 – 35 balls

David Miller celebrating after smashing a fastest hundred of T20, he is showing his helmet as a celeberation.

It was the final T20 of South Africa and Bangladesh, 79/3 in 10 overs when Miller came to bat.

Miller rush his Inning from the 1st ball and Scored a quick fifty on 23 Deliveries.

After hitting five consecutive sixes in Saifuddin over, David Miller achieved the Fastest Hundred of T20 in just 35 balls.

He left everyone stunned by reaching 50 to 100 in Just 12 Deliveries. His 101 runs in 36 balls Includes 7 Fours and 9 sixes. Strike rate was 280.55.

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There Is no doubt David Miller Is a Fantastaic Player. Well its been 7 years and david Miller still hold the record of fastest century of T20.


virat kohli fastest century in t20

Virat Kohli smash his fastest International Century on 53 balls against Afghanistan in asia cup 2022

Who has the fastest 100 in T20 India?

Rohit Shrama scored the joint fastest century in T20 on 35 balls and fastest for India which came against Sri Lanka on 22nd December 2017

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