Who is the king of IPL

‘ King of IPL ‘ is an arguable topic, 16 Edition of IPL is about to start and now most Cricket Experts say the Name ‘Virat Kohli’ is a Ruler of the IPL.

We conducted a survey among cricket fans about ‘Who is the king of IPL’ fans matches the expert, and most of the votes were credited in the favor of Virat Kohli.

Suresh Raina, Ab Devillers, and Mahendra Singh Dhonis at respective 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions.

Which can be the future king? Rishabh Pant, Hardik Pandya, and Sanju Samson get high votes as upcoming king?

We collected further data from the ‘official site of IPL’  and found the Ruler of a specific role.  

king of all-time IPL captain

MS Dhoni

king of IPL captain MS Dhoni looking a bowl going for six
MS Dhoni

Dhoni has many times changed the momentum of the game and he is the most valuable asset in cricket, as Captain the thing team wants is to take the game to victory and Dhoni has mastered it.

He has been a captain in 207 matches and won 123 out of them.

Dhoni’s winning percentage is 59.6% while playing both CSK and RPSG, he won 4 IPL trophies in the jersey of CSK.

Most of Dhoni’s victories have occurred in games where the final over is the decider.

Which team is the king of ipl  

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians have 5 IPL Trophies which are the highest among all IPL teams, statically Mumbai Indians are the king of the IPL Team.

Mumbai Indians conquer 5 IPL Trophies along with 2 consecutive Trophies in 2019 and 2020.

Rohit Sharma’s consistent performances and his captainship are the reason for 5 times IPL champion.

 Mumbai Indians Inaugurated a winning streak in 2013 against the Chennai Super Kings.

Chennai super kings 

Chennai Super Kings 4 IPL trophies, 11 qualifications, and 9 Finals define the consistency of the Team.

Chennai Super Kings started their winning streak in 2010 against the Mumbai Indians.

The consistent performance of Chennai Super Kings makes them the most fan-following team of IPL.

MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina, both Mind Blowing performances assist in the Success of CSK.

Who is the king of ipl batsmen

Virat Kohli 

King of IPL Virat Kohli appealing for a wicket
king Virat Kohli

Fans go crazy to watch the classical short of Virat Kohli, after the T20 world cup 2022 Virat game is at its Peak.

Virat Kohli is loved for his on-field aggression which gives goosebumps to the fans.

Kohli is the highest runs scorer in the IPL which definitely makes him the real king of IPL batsmen. 

Virat Kohli scored 973 runs which was the most in a season and hit 4 centuries which was the most in a season in the history of IPL.

AB Devilliers

Due to the Early retirement of Devilliers feelings of fans got hurt, Because Fans want him to play as long as Virat Kohli play IPL. 

If Devillers had gone to the mega auction, all teams would bid to buy him and he would become the most expensive player in the auction.

 Devillers has won 25  Man of the Match award which was the most in IPL history

The man who played different types of cricket in his own style, his unrealistic shorts which are remarkable in the history of IPL.


Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is the most successful captain in the history of IPL. He grabbed the 5 trophies of IPL by his determination to win.

He is always in the top 5 highest runs scorer, the beauty seen in his pull shot is heartwarming and satisfactory.

He has been consistent for over a decade, scoring runs and making a lot of records.

Who is the king of IPL bowler

Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga was one of the scariest bowlers in the world, he could deliver a yorker whole over this is the rarest thing in a bowler.

He took 170 wickets in his career which was the highest by any bowler in IPL. his bowling career making him the king of IPL bowling.

Malinga’s Action was something different that make him a more dangerous bowler, Malinga sent a pavilion to all-big batsmen.

Which player is the king of the 2021 IPL

Ruturaj gaikwad

A Youngster who smashed 3 consecutive half-centuries in his debut, impressed anyone with his classic performance.

Next season in IPL 2021 he became the highest run scorer of the season leaving behind FAF Du Plessis to win an orange cup.

Ruturaj Gaikwad scored 635 runs and smashed a maiden century and 4 half-centuries, this performance make him king of IPL 2021. 

Which player is the king of the 2022 IPL

Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler scored 848 runs in IPL 2022 and became the highest runs scorer of the season.

His batting in IPL 2022 is incredible and enjoyable to watch the buttler on the crease.

Jos Buttler smashed 4 centuries and 4 half-centuries, once everyone thought he can break the record of Virat Kohli.

The uncrown king MR IPL

Suresh Raina

He scored 714 runs in the IPL playoff which are highest by any batsman and the highest run scorer in IPL Finals. 

His amazing batting performance and field aggression which loved by the fans most.

A lot of times Suresh Raina pull his team toward victory and won the most MOM awards for CSK, Raina’s career record making him the ‘uncrown king’ MR IPL.

Conclusion :

As above you read the king of IPL’s in batting, bowling, and teams, but ‘VIRAT KOHLI’ is the only major king.

According to you who is the king of IPL?

If any upcoming king can beat the stats of Virat Kohli then who would be?

As we know the real king of IPL but do you know the king of cricket, Let me know by commenting below.

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