longest sixes in IPL history 

125 Meters long sixes are just imaginable things before Albie Morkel has done in the inaugural edition of IPL.

This was the longest six in IPL history, and even now, 15 years later not any bowler has broken the record of Pragyan Ojha conceding IPL’s longest six.

In recent IPL 2022, Liam Livingstone tried to break the record of Morkel but he only reached 117 meters long.

We collected the data from the ICC OFFICIAL SITE of the Top 10 IPL longest sixes in all seasons.

Albie morkel hitting a longest six of IPL history
Albie morkel

List of Longest SIXES in IPL History

Liam Livingstone – 117 meters

IPL 2022 Mohammad Shami was the Bowler, it was the Punjab and Gujrat match where Liam Livingstone hit the Longest six of IPL 2022 which was 117 meters Long.

Ben Cutting – 117 meters

Shane Watson bowls an accidentally full toss and Ben Cutting takes it to its Destination. It was 117 meters long, which was the longest of the season.

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Gautam Gambhir – 117 meters

Former captain of KKR Gautam Gambhir smashed the second-longest six of IPL 2023. Gambhir played fantastic short and the bowl mixed with air and went to 119 meters.

Ross Taylor – 119 meters

Ross Taylor is an aggressive batsman. He smashed massive sixes in his carrier, including one that hit 119 meters.

Yuvraj Singh – 119 meters 

As far as the longest sixes went, Yuvraj Singh’s 119-meter blast remains the longest of the 2009 IPL.

Chris Gayle – 119 meters 

Gayle hit 17 sixes in a match against the Pune Warriors India, one of which went to 119 meters, the fastest century in IPL history.

Robin Utahppa – 120 meters

During the 2010 IPL, Robbie was playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team, and he hit 120 meters six in that season.

Praveen Kumar – 124 meters 

A bowler from IPL, Praveen Kumar, hit an enormous six of 124 meters, which attracted the attention of everyone in the stadium and it’s the longest six by an Indian.

Albie Morkel – 125 meters 

It was the first edition of IPL, Albie Morkel created a record that remains till now, he hit a 125 meters massive six.

Conclusion : 

As we discussed above, the longest sixes in IPL history was smashed by South African All-rounder Albie Morkel.

IPL 2022 longest six-hitter was Liam Livingstone of 117 meters on the ball of Mohammad Shami.

Which IPL player can break the record of Albie Morkel’s longest sixes?

Did you know which player has hit the most sixes in one inning of the IPL?

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