Top 10 Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL

It’s more fun to watch IPL when batsmen play aggressive innings and hit boundaries.

While watching IPL 2022 match, suddenly, thoughts clicked into my head. Who is the most dangerous batsman in ipl history?

As we discussed, we thought it would be a common question that fans may ask while watching the IPL.

As a result, Cricords teams conducted a survey and did research to determine who is the most dangerous batsmen in IPL history. 

It is their aggressive batting performance that attracts cricket fans the most. Fans selected Ab Devillers as an ipl dangerous batsman Because of his enjoyable performance.

Sr Batsmen Team
1AB DevillersRoyal Challengers Bangalore
2Suresh RainaChennai Super Kings
3Chris Gayle Royal Challengers Bangalore
4Virat Kohli Royal Challengers Bangalore
5David WarnerSunrises Hyderabad
6KL RahulLucknow Supergiants
7MS Dhoni Chennai Super Kings
8Kieron PollardMumbai Indians
9Glenn Maxwell Royal Challengers Bangalore
10Hardik Pandya Mumbai Indians

Who is the Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL?

10. Hardik Pandya 

is one of the finest cricketers in India who provides balance to the team with bats&bowls. In recent times Hardik Pandya’s performance was incredible in ipl 2022.

Hardik Pandya recently made his maiden T20 half-century for an Indian cricket team. Before IPL 2022, Hardik id ruled out for team India due to an injury, and his form was lacking. 

He comeback as a skipper of the new team in ipl Gujrat Titans and made a team that won a maiden trophy. He is one of the most dangerous batsmen in ipl 2022.

matchesrunsSRsixesfours50100highest runs

09. Glenn Maxwell

When Glenn Maxwell was in prime time, he played iconic knocks against a Successful team in the IPL. Australian cricketer maxwell makes an unbreakable record in the ipl history.

After he lost his form for 2-3 years, he could not make his place on the team. He come back in an RCB jersey and played like what he is known for.

Maxwell is one of the players RCB retained in 2022 and performed amazingly with his bats.

matchesrunsSRsixesfours50100highest runs

08. Kieron Pollard

He was not playing for the west indies, but he is playing in T20 leagues worldwide. Kieron pollard provides stability in the middle order with his performance.

Kieron pollard is one of the ipl most dangerous batsmen in history with amazing stats. 

Pollard has been playing for Mumbai Indians for a long time, and he has made himself a retainable player over the years. It shows how consistently Kieron pollard is with his performance in the League.

matchesrunsSRsixesfours50100highest runs

07. MS Dhoni

In the history of the Indian Premier League, MS Dhoni had a great career as a great captain. From the beginning of the ipl, he has been a part of Chennai super kings as a skipper.

Dhoni is One of the best finishers of the ipl for over a year; he usually bats in the lower order and provides stability to the team.

In recent 2022, Dhoni’s performance was quite impressive; maybe it was the last ipl for MS Dhoni. he is one of the most dangerous batsmen in ipl.

matchesrunsSRsixesfours50100highest runs

06. KL Rahul

Currently, KL Rajul is the best T20-informed batter for India. Whether it is in the Indian Premier League or team India, KL Rahul’s performance is never overlooked.

In 2022, Rahul played for the new franchise Lucknow super giants as a skipper and take a team to the playoffs. He is the only batsman with 600 plus runs in 3 consecutive ipl seasons.

The fastest 50 of the ipl is scored by KL Rahul on just 14 balls, and with his performance, he has become the most dangerous batsman in ipl 2020, 2021, and 2022.

matchesrunsSRsixesfours50100highest runs

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05. David Warner

Australian cricketer David Warner had a very great career in international and in ipl. He has been playing for sunrises Hyderabad as a skipper for a long time. 

David Warner is the only batsman in the ipl with a 3-orange cap. In 2021 Hyderabad team couldn’t do a chance for David warner to prove himself and release him.

In 2022 David Warner comes back to the ipl as a part of the Delhi Capitals. He proved himself and played an amazing knock recently.

matchesrunsSRsixesfours50100highest runs

04. Virat Kohli – runs machine

As the highest run-scorer in the history of the IPL, former India captain Virat Kohli holds the record. It was previously tough for Virat to get the elevation he wanted.

When Virat Kohli is performing the best in his prime time, he breaks most of the ipl records.

Kohli had scored 973 runs in 2016, which is the highest number of runs in a season by an individual player. He is the most dangerous batsman in ipl 2016.

After 2021, Kohli is a step back from the rcb captain, but his performance was quite good.

matchesrunsSRsixesfours50100highest runs

03. Chris Gayle

Due to his unbelievable stats in both the Indian Premier League and international cricket, he is a universal boss. In ipl, Chris Gayle’s name hits something different and scary for the bowlers.

He has a record of the highest individual scorer in the history of ipl; he made 175 runs in just 66 balls in 2013 against the Pune warriors of India.

Gayle is currently inactive in all formats of cricket, and he is also the boss of the sixers with 357 sixes in history.

matchesrunsSRsixesfours50100highest runs

02. Suresh Raina

players typically have good performances for 2-3 seasons, but Suresh Raina has excelled for CSk for over a decade.

He is known as an MR IPL because he has been a top scorer for over a year. He is a type of aggressive player. If he is set on the crease, he becomes a Scary batsman for the bowlers.

Suresh had played an incredible knock-in the Qualifier of 2014; he scored 87 runs on just 25 balls, making him a very consistent Player.

matchesrunsSRsixesfours50100highest runs

01. AB Devillers  

AB De villiers. most dangerous batsman in ipl
the most iconic Player in ipl

The sad news for cricket fans is that Devillers retired after the 2021 IPL. in 2022; he was not played the Match. Does Devillers’s stats show who the dangerous batsman of the ipl is?

AB Devillers played short in every area of the ground, so most bowlers didn’t want to face him. Watching Devillers 360 shorts is favorable.

Devillers has won a 25 MAN OF THE MATCH award, the highest in the League history. Delivers performance making him king of the ipl.

matchesrunsSRsixesfours50100highest runs

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Conclusion : 

The stats of the League shows the performance of the player’s consistency. In the history of the Indian Premier League, the successful Player is the one who makes runs for his team consistently over an extended period. Ten players in this article are the most dangerous batsman in IPL history.


Who is the most dangerous batsman in IPL 2021?

KL Rahul .most dangerous batsman in ipl

KL Rahul
The record for fastest fifty in the ipl has held the KL Rahul in just 14 balls might be considered him most dangerus Player of ipl. KL Rahul was the most dangerous batsman in 2020.

Who is NO 1 batsman in IPL?

AB De villiers. most dangerous batsman in ipl

AB Devillers
The man who gave another view to the history of cricket. He invented many new short in cricket with his vigour batting performances. He should be the top in most dangerus player in Indian Primer League.

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